May 10, 2015

Predicting the Future

Perhaps exploration in the quantum universe begins with the Cerebral Cortex which already allows us to travel into the past and imagine the future. Modern record keeping technologies are enhancing the way we recall our past by providing indisputable evidence of past events in the form of photographs, videos, and sound recordings. Ground breaking research in the areas of clairvoyance and remote viewing is steadily opening a door enabling people a theoretical means of predicting the future.

Remote viewing by extra sensory perception became well known to the general public in the 1970's when the United States funded a research program after discovering Russia and China were running ESP programs. Government agencies such as the FBI and CIA also utilize ESP type abilities for forensics, profiling, and psychic detectives. The military practices a similar form, although highly based on mathematics, through a brilliant concept called game theory attempts to predict possible outcomes of war tactics in order to develop effective war game strategies.

Government agencies seek solutions to complex dilemmas quickly and efficiently. Spending less time, money, or effort to solve problems leaves excess spending dollars which in turn can be appropriated elsewhere such as intelligence research and development programs. Always being one step ahead helps task forces prevent situations from getting out of hand and harming more innocent civilians. ESP, however, is not a new concept born in the 20th century. Visions from 16th century Nostradamus still captivate and intrigue curiosity of the masses. Historians tell us Nostradamus walked a fine line along the Church's belief system while he dabbled in alchemy, astrology, and often participated in ritualistic practices designed to induce foresight visions.

Michel Nostradamus' prophecies seem to follow a pattern suggested to repeat in history. His quatrains continuously manage to awe and inspire those who believe there's a little more to life than meets the eye while continuously referring to events in the current timescale. It's as though Michel's quatrains are balanced with the perfect amount of obscurity designed to allow imagination to run rampant to find answers.

Passages found throughout the Bible also speak of prophecy, they also fit along a similar pattern in the sense that Biblical prophecies always seem to be on the verge of fulfillment. Scholars believe the interpretation of ancient prophecy requires a delicate touch. Seeking correlations between the present and what might happen in the future can be easily influenced by knowledge of the past. The idea of prophecy has transcended generations for thousands of years and some believe it dates back beyond the creation of written language. Prophecies traditionally link divine beings providing a foreseer with visions of the future, and to some this is a type of extra sensory perception, a sixth sense.

Prophecy does not at all seem out of the ordinary. Evolution and archeology explains that thousands of years ago mankind transitioned from a survival hunter-gatherer stance to an agricultural culture. As man first began to cultivate crops they looked toward the heavens for ways of predicting when to plant, when to harvest, when to pick, and when to migrate. Our ancestors knew seasons were changing, they realized how important it was to learn how to accurately forecast those changes for increased yields and seasonal preparations.

Using star positions along with phases of the moon and sun gave way to a revolutionary new method of predicting the future for survival. At some point, someone back then must have wondered if the same concept applied to people as the seasons of Earth. Could human actions be predicted in preparation for confrontation in the future and how would those predictions remain protected from abuse?